Why is “bleach” necessary?

Have you ever had a hairdresser say to you or heard around you, “In order to create this color, you need to bleach your hair”?

To begin with, let me briefly explain what good things bleaching can do.

For example, when you color your hair pink.

Hair coloring is not like makeup, where you can just add pink and it will turn pink; you need to add the base hair color pigment and the colorant color to make it pink.

The “bleach” is like base makeup, and its role is to remove any coloring that gets in the way of that base.

Have you ever seen something like this?

It is called a hue circle, and stylists use it as a reference when considering color addition.

It is said that Japanese people originally have strong red, orange, and yellow hair pigmentation.

This means that warm colors are relatively easy to create without bleaching, but bleaching is necessary for vivid colors.

In addition, for cold colors such as blue, green, and ash, it is difficult to achieve the ideal color without removing the original reddish tones, so bleaching is quite likely to be necessary.